Best Auto Mouse Clicker for Games 2018

You must admit it, there is nothing as cumbersome, boring and tedious as clicking thousands of times while playing your favorite games to complete certain tasks. Exploring maps, attacking enemies, building structures, and more common game tasks need a lot of clicks that besides of making you waste time and get bored, they can affect your mouse.

Just remember how many clicks it takes to build something or dig in Minecraft, or to explore the huge world of Skyrim, or to defeat your enemies in the Mass Effect Saga – it takes thousands of tedious clicks to do so. And do not even mention the wrist pain you get after clicking so much.


Best Auto Mouse Clicker for Games 2017


What you need and what you have been looking for is a software that enables you to create automatic clicks as many times as you want. This mean what you need is Free Auto Clicker. There’s barely auto mouse clicker software that has the same amazing features as Free Auto Clicker does. And if you add the facts that it is free and safe to download and use, then you can recognize why it has been named the best auto clicker software for games in 2018.


Features of Free Auto Clicker


Features of Free Auto Clicker


  1. Free Auto Clicker, just as its name explains it, is a free downloadable software. There are no memberships, registration nor payments to be done for downloading or launching this auto mouse clicker.
  2. This is a safe software that will not represent any danger to your computer since it has zero malware or virus.
  3. You can select the interval of time from click to click, so they can happen as fast or as slow as you need them to happen.
  4. There are two options to set when to stop the automatic clicks: one that can be set in the amount of clicks you want, and another that can be set in how many minutes you want those clicks happening.
  5. Free Auto Clicker requires that you select the exact points on the screen where you want the clicks to happen. X & Y coordinates are easily set and can be saved for future use.
  6. This software allows you to use hotkeys to shorten the pausing process or the deleting of the clicking coordinates.
  7. Free Auto Clicker can be used to automatize clicks while playing computer games, visiting websites, and using other software.
  8. You can have the window of the software on top of the app you would be using or the website you would be visiting.


Who needs this software?


Gamers are the main audience who enjoy the amazing features Free Auto Clicker counts with. More and more gamers have been downloading this software because of how easy it is to use it and how simple overcoming obstacles and completing tasks have become for them. This software guarantees nothing but satisfaction.


Who needs this software


Even though gamers can be highly beneficiated because of software like this one, other people can use it too.

Editors who need to constantly click pictures to separate elements can adjust the clicking for a period of time so separating elements can become an easier activity.For people who are into online slot machine games, automatically clicking continuously can help them win huge prizes.


How to use Free Auto Clicker for best performance in your favorite games?


Before starting to use the best auto mouse clicker software you could find online in 2018, you must download and launch the software. As one of the features stated, this is a free downloadable software. Developers understood it is enough with the high costs of pc games, so they decided not to ask for fees nor memberships for using this software.


Download Free Auto Clicker


Step 1. Establish the coordinates of your clicks.

After launching this software, you must establish the coordinates of your clicks. This means, you must tell the software where you want to perform the automatic clicks.

You can select these coordinates by moving the cursor over the spots where you want the clicks to happen. If you are in a spot where you want automatic clicks, press the space bar, so X & Y coordinates can be received by the software. You can choose not just one spot, but as many as you need.

If you need to use the same coordinates once again, you can save them as a list.


Establish the coordinates of your clicks


Step 2. Set the intervals of time.

Now, it is time to set how often you need the automatic clicks to happen and how many clicks do you need.

First, select the interval of time from click to click in the “click interval” box.

There are two options to set when to stop the automatic clicks. In the first “stop after” box, you can establish the automatic clicks to stop after a determined number of times. The second “stop after” box allows you to stop the automatic clicks after a determined time which is represented in minutes.


Set the intervals of time


Step 3. Choose which button you want to automatize.

Finally, choose if you want automatic right or left clicks. If the setting process is ready, click “start” so the automatic clicking can begin. Make sure to uncheck the “Windows always on Top” if you do not want the Free Auto Clicker window on top of your game.


Choose which button you want to automatize


If the games you want to play are online, make sure the terms and conditions of the game do not restrict auto clicker software, because you could be banned. If not, then start downloading Free Auto Clicker and setting how many clicks do you need and where do you need them.

After downloading and using Free Auto Clicker, you will recognize why it is called the best auto clicker for Minecraft of 2018. There is no more wasting time by clicking thousands of times for defeating your enemies, exploring maps, building or destructing things, collecting items, and more. Free Auto Clicker will become your best friend at the time of playing games, whether they are online or not.


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