Best Auto Clicker for Windows 10 in 2019

Modern people use computers for their everyday works, entertainment and become dependent on this machine! Modern life is almost impossible to think without computers. Most of the computer users use Windows OS for their PC because it is flawlessly usable for users, meets their needs, runs the office, the internet and is the best OS for gaming purposes. Thousands of mouse clicks required every day to complete almost same works or while playing favorite games which it is really boring & tiresome.


Best Auto Clicker for Windows 10 in 2019


Considering such circumstances, completely free ‘Free Auto Clicker’ without any malware has made enormous repetitive clicks controlled by users, made life easier and became the best Auto Clicker! Free Auto Clicker is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System but the best match is Windows 10.


Selecting the Best Auto Clicker Software


There are different types of auto clickers available on the web and you can download one for you easily but before you download one for you, you need to consider following issues to smooth user experience.


Selecting the Best Auto Clicker Software


  • Learn what auto clicker software can do. Do some homework and know what you really want to do
  • Simple installation process of the auto clicker software
  • Pleasant & user-friendly interface
  • Software update process should be simple & easy
  • Effective features of the auto click software
  • User compatibility & its technology
  • X & Y coordinate calculation option
  • Scheduling system of the auto clicker software
  • Safety & software protection
  • Should be easy to remove/uninstall from the PC
  • Do not require any third party software
  • Very easy to troubleshoot for end users
  • Can make interconnectivity between hardware or applications easy


Why Free Auto Clicker is the Best


Free Auto Clicker is the best software for Windows 10 in 2018 compared to other available auto clicker software. Following pros of Free Auto Clicker made this software unique.


Why Free Auto Clicker is the Best


  • Free Auto Clicker is completely free
  • Very compatible with Windows platform exclusively for Windows 10
  • Installation process is quite easy and has got very user-friendly interphase along with toolbar
  • Has got effective X & Y coordinate calculation, record script and scheduling system
  • Best match for gaming and for official works to avoid thousands of mouse clicks
  • Free Auto Clicker is applicable for a huge range of platforms


Prime Specialties


Free Auto Clicker features are very effective to control your mouse clicking and these special features made this software very special in the market.


Prime Specialties


Click without Mouse Buttons: Free Auto Clicker put on left & right clicks on the computer on windows 10 screen or other screens. You need to record the mouse clicks and the Auto Clicker will automatically perform the same clicks when you are not on the computer.

Auto clicks using Hotkeys: Using the hotkey feature of Free Auto Clicker, you can finish your work within seconds without finding the click buttons.

X & Y Coordination: This feature will let you fix the mouse click points at which you need to perform clicking automatically.

Scheduling Tasks: If you need to schedule your tasks then you can easily do this using the Time Setting feature of the Free Auto Clicker. Free Auto Clicker will do the work on behalf of you accurately.

Universal Usage: You just don’t need to sit in front of your PC to play games, trade in the stock market, for placing bids on e-commerce shopping, surfing on the websites or doing same professional works. You just need to capture or record the click points in the order you need them to be clicked and Free Auto Clicker will complete the work for you.


Step-by-Step Guide


If you want to avoid boring mouse clicks, need to make life easier then it’s very simple & you are only a mouse click away. Just have the last boring mouse click, download & install Free Auto Clicker and follow the following steps.


Step One: Download & Install

Just click, download & install Free Auto Clicker software on your computer.


Download Free Auto Clicker


Step Two: Setting Click Points and Use the X-Y List

Move the cursor of the mouse to the place where you need set the click point, pressing the spacebar view X & Y coordinates in the X & Y boxes and click the point to save. It will record single or multiple specific mouse click points according to your sequence in the X-Y list and save as FAC file. Later you can load the FAC files & Auto Clicker will perform the same work for you.

 Setting Click Points and Use the X-Y List


Step Three: Adjust the Clicking Rates & Schedule Auto Click

Now you need to set the number of clicks you need in specific time and time between each click. Just put your numbers at ‘Click Interval’, first & second ‘Stop After boxes’. Auto Clicker will repeat the exact things and will complete your scheduled tasks.


Adjust the Clicking Rates & Schedule Auto Click


Step Four: Select Left or Right Button for Automation

Just click “Left” or “Right” button in the “Select Button” option of Free Auto Clicker to automate left or right click on your computer and click “Start” button to start automation.


Select Left or Right Button for Automation


Step Five: Setting Hotkeys to Perform Auto Click

If you don’t want to find the buttons using mouse then use Hotkeys option of the Free Auto Clicker. You can complete your actions such as record coordinates using “SPACE”, stop auto clicking using “ESC” temporarily stop auto clicking using “PAUSE” or clear the X-Y list using “DEL” button of the keyboard of your PC or laptop within seconds.


Setting Hotkeys to Perform Auto Click


Following these five steps, you can easily use Free Auto Clicker Software to avoid boring thousands of mouse click.


Useful Tips


You really can use Free Auto Clicker software for different types of works such as editing images, browsing the internet, online treading, shopping, and webcam use or for playing online & offline games. To ensure the best performance of the Auto Clicker following tips can be useful for you!


Useful Tips


  • Make sure that you leave adequate time for your software & PC to respond
  • You should not use mouse during running the Free Auto Clicker
  • If some key pressing required for your work then you should use the auto key processor along with Free Auto Clicker




Besides unique & effective features, Free Auto Clicker is 100% safe & without any malware, virus & adware, provides free technical support, ensures full control over clicking repetition, interval & duration. You even don’t need to register or provide your information to download the Free Auto Clicker.

So, get Free Auto Clicker software, save & get extra time for yourself to enjoy your life. If you use the saved extra time properly then you can even earn some extra money for yourself doing other tasks! Isn’t is extraordinary!

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