How to Use Auto Clicker to Win the Game & Have More Game Fun

Every once in a while we may need to do some tasks on our computer that requires us to click our mouse buttons repeatedly. The fact is, most of this type of work is boring, exhausting and time-eating – no one wants to do them with the cost of sitting before the computer for hours, like a robot. So why not let a real “robot” do what it’s made for?

Click Mouse

Auto clicker software is just like a robot to work alongside other computer programs, simulating “real” mouse clicking behaviors (acting as if you are physically clicking the mouse button). Auto clicker can help us do many trivial things as well as hard or even not possible to accomplish as a human. For most of us, auto-clicking is just a way to do things faster and more efficiently.

Use Auto Clicker in a Game

First, let’s ask a question: is it cheating to use an auto clicker for your game? Well, it depends.

Online Game

On the one hand, some of the online games do not allow using of auto clicker and will punish the users because this behavior violates their rules and terms of service, on the other hand, some online games do not literally list “auto clicker” on their ban list. So here are our suggestions: do not use an auto clicker in an online game that claims using auto clicker is against their rules, immoral, or even illegal. Also, we are not encouraging you to use an auto clicker in a fair competition.

Auto Clicker for Online Games

For those online games that allow use of auto clicker, it could bring very useful. It may help with mining, farming and even raise the DPS in some games. So go explore every corner in the game to find out where you can use auto clicker to have more fun.

PC Game

After you purchase the PC game, basically you can play it in whatever way you want. So do not click your precious time away, being glued to the computer chair and breaking your gaming mouse (especially high-end ones). Use the auto clicker software whenever you feel the need to. Go for it and go wild! Of course, for the online gaming part in some offline PC games, we suggest you obey the rules.

Auto Clicker for PC Games

Web Game

Many people are using auto clicker to do what they want. Some web games may forbid the use of auto clicker but most of the others have a tacit understanding of allowing it.

Auto Clicker for Web Games

Best Auto Clicker

Using auto clicker in games can be many things: more time for real fun, less cost in time-based online games, less mouse wear and tear, less sore eyes, aching wrist and numb fingers, etc. Here’s our Free Auto Clicker that can get your gaming life easier. It can click left/right mouse button automatically, click faster/slower, click on multiple points and save them as a script for repeated use, click for a period of time and click a certain number of times.

Free Auto Clicker

Find out how to use auto clicker in 1 minute!

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